Two decades after her death the murderer of a university student is finally behind the bars.

7 month ago

17 years after the death of her daughter, a Florida mother would finally rest after police found the culprit.

Orlando police arrested Benjamin Holmes for murdering Christina Franke who is a central Florida university student in 2001.

The young woman was found dead inside her apartment and police could not find the solution to this cold case.

Police said that Holmes left his DNA at Franke’s house but it didn’t match anyone in the national database.

Orlando police detective Michael Fields stated that Holmes was lucky because he has never committed a crime that requires his DNA submission.

Detectives were able to reach Holmes by running a DNA sample through a genealogy database with a company called Parabon Nanolabs ; this company has helped solving several cold case cases such as The 1988 murder of a Fort Wayne girl.

Frank’s mother Tina is finally feeling at ease as the murderer is behind the bars and would never be able to hurt another person .