stories from the ghetto of migrants.

9 month ago

authorities of Mexico has closed down a shelter that where more than 6,000 Central American migrants have been waiting for their asylum claims to be processed due to 'bad sanitary conditions'.

the migrants who camped in the sports center would be removed to a former concert venue that is much further from the US-Mexico border.

the decision came after the humanitarian crises which painted the life of migrants inside the shelter.

1,500 mostly Honduran migrants many of them children were sleeping here between heaps of garbage with no bathrooms and no water except for what volunteers bring in small plastic bags.

people there were under the pressure of a lot of sanitary problems leading to lice infestations, and respiratory infections.

the new shelter which is run by federal authorities is located roughly 10 miles (15 km) from the border.

authorities have no intentions to move the migrants by force but they have warned that food and medical services facilities would stop there.

The moving of the shelter began on Saturday and came on the first day in the office for Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

migrants are still holding onto the hope to cross to the world of light even if they would wait in a dark ghetto.