Alaska's earthquacke: the aftershocks .

9 month ago

Alaska's still jiggling after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake, More than 1,000 aftershocks were felt around the region Friday.

the great earthquake left 1,400 aftershocks including 17 that registered 4.0 or higher and five that registered greater than 5.0 near the hotbed of Friday’s quake.

the possibility of having more aftershocks in the upcoming days is great according to scientists.

however, The aftershocks will occur less frequently as time goes on Over the next week, the USGS has predicted 84 to 610 aftershocks of magnitude 3 or higher. Aftershocks of at least 3 are more than 99 percent likely. There's an 88 percent chance of a magnitude 5 or higher, too.

many roads around the Anchorage area were affected including The Glenn Highway, Alaska’s roadways that link Anchorage to northern communities.

a lot of employees who live north of the city were given a day off while schools would remain closed for the whole week until authorities make sure that everything is safe.