Mysterious burning hole was the work of humans not the devil

9 month ago

Baxter County authorities said that the fire that caused the Arkansas mysterious burning hole in September was not a work of the devil, or a result of a meteorite but intentionally set by humans.

The 12-foot-tall (3,6 meter) fire spurted from a hole in the ground and lasted around 40 minutes.Initial speculation went from possible leaking natural gas to suggestions that it was caused by Satan or a meteorite.

Authorities used three soil samples to identify flammable chemicals and found two solvents: toluene and xylene.They said that both solvents can be found in household items such us paint thinners.

" That seems like the most plausible thing to me, that somebody dumped a quart of paint thinner down there and caught it on fire" said Wesley Stites chemistry department chair at the University of Arkansas.