Lawyer who murdered his girlfriend was arrested in Cuba.

7 month ago

Montclair lawyer James Ray was finally captured in Cuba, the 55-years-old man is accused for the murder of his girlfriend inside their house in Essex county last month oct.23.

The 44-years-old victim Angela bledsoe was pronounced dead at the scene of the crime because of her severe gunshot injuries.

Ray was already in Mexico when authorities arrived at his house but he was seized when he flew to Cuba.

The culprit was captured before going through customs where several authorities worked hand in hand to arrange for his return to New Jersey.

Theodor Stephens Essex county prosecutor stated that the case was special because different authorities local or international joined together to catch Ray the latter would start his trial procedures in nov.13 .

Ray’s and Bledsoe’s son who was also at the scene of the crime was not injured and is staying at the care of relatives for the time being