Plastic surgeon who may have threatened to kill his estranged wife pleaded not guilty.

5 month ago

Tuckahoe news, New York news.

Dr. Matthew Bonanno is not charged, but was indicted last week in a 52-gun indictment.

Bonanno, 47, was arrested by police in Tuckahoe on August 12 after a friend with whom he was drinking allegedly told him that he had threatened to kill his wife and family. Police found a loaded Glock handgun belonging to Bonanno in the friend's car. The police also found other weapons in his car and at his parents' home in Mount Pleasant.

Bonanno's lawyer, Paul Gentile, said that Bonanno was a collector and outdoorsman and that his wife was standing by his side in the criminal case.

The authorities said Bonanno had bought all the weapons last summer in Florida.

He faces 11 counts of second degree criminal possession of a weapon, a crime. The indictment also charges him with 37 counts of third-degree possession of a weapon by the crime and four counts of possession of fourth-degree weapons.

The license to practice medicine in Massachusetts was suspended two weeks after his arrest. The state medical registration board concluded that it constituted "an immediate and serious threat to public health, safety and welfare" because of the possession of the weapon. There was a license since March.