Train derailed in Illinois, sparking huge fire, forces home and school evacuations.

5 month ago

Saint-Louis news, Missouri news.

A train in southwestern Illinois derailed Tuesday afternoon, causing a huge fire that projected clouds of black smoke into downtown St. Louis.

The first responders were on the scene near Dupo, about eight miles south of St. Louis. A video showed that at least 10 train cars had derailed as flames burst from the wreckage.

The St. Clair County Emergency Management Agency reported that the train derailed around 12:30 pm Tuesday. He posted a video of large plumes of black smoke from a fire.

Emergency officials said they were not aware of what the train was carrying. At 3 pm, the teams had extinguished the fire.

According to Dupo police, students from a primary school, college and high school were evacuated to a further high school. Residents of a mobile home park and a subdivision near the tracks had also been evacuated.