Pennsylvania couple accused of theft after going on shopping spree with $120,000 deposited into their bank account.

5 month ago

Pennsylvania news.

A Pennsylvania couple is charged of theft after making a $ 120,000 shopping mistakenly deposited into their bank account, according to a report.

Robert Williams, 36, and his wife, Tiffany Williams, 35, appeared in court Tuesday after spending two and a half weeks paying for expenses such as cars, bills and a camper, the report said. WNEP television channel. They both have been brought to justice for theft and receiving stolen property.

State police said the bank BB & T had deposited the dough on the couple's account on May 31, following a clerical error by a bank teller.

But on June 19, they had already spent six digits buying an SUV, two four-wheeled vehicles and a trailer.

They also reportedly used money for bills, car repairs, cash purchases, as well as $ 15,000 for friends, WNEP reported.