Foster mom forgot toddler to die in hot car as she went to work

5 month ago

Charlotte-Mecklenburg news, North Carolina news.

A North Carolina foster mother has been arrested after she left a 1-year-old strapped into his car seat and reported to work on August. 29.

42-year-old Dawn Aberson-Vanden Broecke was charged with involuntary manslaughter. The mother called the police to report an unresponsive child. Upon police arrival, the foster mother told them that she forgot the kid in his car seat and went working for seven hours. They declared him dead on the scene.

The Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner ruled the child's death as hyperthermia due to environmental exposure.

The mother was reportedly cooperative with authorities. "I can imagine she was in shock. She was clearly upset," according to Lt. Corey Copley.

This death is considered as the 40th case caused by hot cars in 2019.