master humans:white student adopting the nazi ideology got punched by a black classmate.

9 month ago

A disturbing video went viral around the community of a Denver high school, the video shows a white student who was reportedly adopting the Nazi's ideology getting punched in the head by a fellow black student.

In the video, which was recorded on Snapchat and set to LL Cool J’s 1990 hit “Mama Said Knock You Out” to preserve the anonymity of the students, the black teen is seen punching his white classmate in the head.

the white student who was wearing a Nazi jacket uniform was recorded doing a “T-pose,” a gaming meme that Lt. Lori Bronner, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman, said has been associated with “the KKK to represent a burning cross.”

it was reported that the white student abused the black student with a racial slur.

although it’s unclear if he said it before or after the student punched him. The student in the Nazi jacket then reportedly tried to throw a rock at the other teen, who later kicked him while he was on the ground.

both students were arrested and charged in relation to the fight — the white student with “harassment, disorderly conduct, and criminal attempt assault” and the black student with “assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct.”

Mountain Vista High School has a history of racial incidents including racist graffiti that was directed at black coaches at the school, and an attempt to recreate Columbine.

the white student appeared to be a devoted fan of the nazi's ideology as he was seen posing with a flag bearing an Iron Cross and a Soviet flag.