22-years-old man who shot at vehicle containing pregnant woman has received his sentence.

7 month ago

23-years-old De Marcus M Essex has finally received his jail sentence for shooting a vehicle containing 5 people one of them is a 9-month pregnant woman.

All of the passengers got away without suspending any injuries.

Saginaw county judge Andre R.Borrello sentenced essex to terms of 78 months or 6.5 years to 10 years with a mandatory two flat years in prison while Essex has already served 594 from his sentence.

In the day of his trial Essex submitted his claims and defense for his single count of assault with no intention to cause murder or great body harm.

Police gave more details about the incident stating that on the night of March 24,2017 Essex parked his minivan in the 900 block of Jackson street armed with a modified 22 caliber rifle and fired his gun 15 times on a vehicle containing five people including a pregnant woman the bullets did not struck the vehicle or its passengers.

Before the day of his trial Essex partner and mother of his children was found guilty for performing as his getaway driver.