transit police arrested two men who attacked a blind man.

9 month ago

2 men are facing charges for shoving and threatening a blind man who accidentally bumped into them while boarding a crowded train earlier this week are now in custody.

Metro Transit Police announced that they have arrested Darion Rivers, 18, of Prince George's County, and a juvenile whose name has not been released, in the light of the alleged incident Monday. Both suspects face multiple counts of assault two for Rivers and three for the juvenile.

Police said the blind man boarded a train at the Rhode Island Avenue station during rush hour Monday and bumped with one of the suspects, who then started shoving and threatening him.

a female witness tried to make them stop but she got yelled at, the two suspects tried to snatch her phone after she intended to call the police.

The two cruel men reportedly got off the train a few stops later after having more disputes with another passenger.

the blind man did not report any injuries and did not need medical attention.