murdering housemate for stolen playstation.

9 month ago

Nowadays people started murdering for the most absurd reasons as in the case of the men who stabbed to death their former housemate over a stolen PlayStation.

22-year-old Jake Bilotta and 21-year-old Ian McClurg lured their victim to the house where they live in Maitland, the young men appealed him with a promised party and then stabbed him several times with a chef knife.

Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma said that a third housemate called deputies after arriving home where he found bloodied Bilotta putting a body inside plastic bags.

the victim's identity has not been revealed yet, police said that he was a former housemate of the pair and the two decided to manslaughter him after suspecting he was the one who stole their game console.

Bilotta and McClurg were arrested on homicide charges Tuesday. No attorneys are listed on their jail records.