Mother sues U.S. for $60 million after death of her toddler dies from lack of emergency care

9 month ago

Yazmin Juarez, is suing the U.S. government in wrongful death for $60 million after her 19-month-old toddler died from a respiratory illness she contracted at the South Texas immigrant detention center.

Juarez, 20, and her toddler Mariee had traveled from Guatemala to the U.S., the ICE took them to The South Texas Residential Center in Dilley. The child entered the center healthy and 20 days later was discharged gravely ill, with a life-threatening respiratory infection. Juarez had sought treatment at least five times but was denied the services of a medical professional. According to her attorney, the two were detained at the facility with unsafe conditions and neglectful medical care, the respiratory infection went "woefully" under-treated for nearly a month.