Florida man arrested after he stuffed $7 bottle of wine down his pants, chugged it in store bathroom.

6 month ago

Florida news.

Police arrested a Florida man at a Walmart after stuffing a $ 7 bottle of wine into his pants, swallowing the cheap drink in the bathroom of a store, and then trying to leave without paying .

Ty Kelley, 55, was arrested by Pinellas Park police on Wednesday for a small theft charge, after police reported stealing a $ 6.98 bottle of wine.

Kelley was inside a Walmart in the United States when he slipped a bottle of Barefoot Riesling wine into his pants and headed straight for the bathroom, court documents obtained by WTSP reported.

He would have drunk the whole bottle in the toilet and threw the empty container in the trash before attempting to leave the store.

Kelley was arrested by loss prevention officers who contacted the police.

He was detained at the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office Prison where he was detained on a $ 250 online bond issue.