Nancy Pelosi is one step away from being next House speaker.

9 month ago

Rep. Nancy Pelosi was given the official nomination for House speaker by House Democrats in a caucus meeting Wednesday, making her one step closer to winning the position in the next Congress.

While she ran unopposed in the caucus, a hardened group of at least 16 critics were advocating for new leadership and calling on Pelosi to step aside. They have vowed to deny her the 218 votes she needs on the House floor, which could complicate her path in Jan. 3 vote.

Pelosi still needs 218 votes, the majority of the full House, to be elected speaker. House Democrats are taking control with at least a 233-vote majority, but some Democrats have pledged that they won’t back Ms. Pelosi for the speaker. Speaking with reporters shortly after the vote, Ms. Pelosi said she was in “good shape” for the full House vote in January.

Pelosi, the first woman to serve as House speaker, would take over the post she last held in 2011. On Wednesday afternoon, she said "it was so inspiring to hear my colleagues place my name in nomination once again" for the speaker. She ran unopposed for the nomination.