Man kidnaps 3-year-old after setting woman on fire leading police on chase across two states

4 month ago

Memphis news, Tennessee news.

Authorities have announced the arrest of a suspect accused o setting a woman on fire, kidnapping her 3-year-old niece, injuring police officers after he ingested narcotics.

42-year-old Jeremy Manning reportedly told a cop that he was going to kill the toddler that was in the car with him if he doesn't find a phone. He then fled the scene leading the police on a chase from Olive Branch in Mississippi to Memphis, Tennessee where he crashed his white Cadillac into a police cruiser injuring two police officers.

Investigators learned after arresting the suspect that he had assaulted a woman and set her on fire causing her second and third-degree burns.

The toddler was found unharmed inside the crashed car. Manning was taken to hospital for evaluation.