Babysitter charged after 1-year-old overdoses on fentanyl

4 month ago

Pasco County news, Florida news.

A 35-year-old babysitter has been arrested after a 1-year-old girl overdosed on fentanyl while on her care.

Heather Revell was charged with child neglect and possession of heroin. She told investigators that she injected herself with drugs including fentanyl-laced heroin on Saturday. She then cleared away the drugs but likely forgot an amount of fentanyl that was later ingested by the toddler.

Authorities said that the girl was found unresponsive and rescued by Pasco County officers who gave her Narcan and rushed her to the hospital. She is expected to be okay.

A preliminary search into the home revealed used syringes and crushed Xanax as well as fentanyl in the suspect's purse.