Newborn found safe after parents tried actively to hide him

4 month ago

Austin news, Texas news.

A newborn has been found after he was taken from the Austin hospital by his mother's relative who was trying to hide him.

Authorities were concerned about the child whereabouts because of his mother's "prior cases with previous kids," said Detective John Hitzelberg.

The boy, named Elijah, was found safe and is actually with Child Protective Services. The mother, Brittany Sadi Smith, 30, gave false information to the hospital staff when entering to give birth and asked her cousin, Brandy Yovonne Galbert to take the child as she left the hospital.

Detective Hitzelberg said earlier that police "believe the family is actively trying to hide the this point, we're concerned about the child welfare."

The boy's father, Carl Dennis Hayden Jr. was also considered a suspect in the case.