3 of the 3 children killed in fire at Pennsylvania day care center were the children of a volunteer firefighter.

4 month ago

Pennsylvania news.

Three of the five young people killed in a fire at a Pennsylvania day care center on Sunday morning were the children of a volunteer firefighter who was answering another call several blocks away.

Firefighter Luther Jones was with the Lawrence Park Volunteer Fire Department responding to other calls, while the nearby Erie Fire Department was battling the deadly flames at the Harris Family Care Center.

his two daughters, a son, were killed. Jones dropped them in the center before going to work and had no idea of ​​the fire there. His service reacted to a false alarm at the time.

Erie firefighters reacted to the fire in the three-story building at about 1 am when children were trapped.

The victims, who are not officially identified, were 8 months to 8 years old, the authorities said.

Two other children, aged 17 and 12, climbed onto the roof and jumped to the ground. Other children were saved by firefighters.