Florida man arrested for threatening involving AR-15 saying shoppers should avoid Walmart.

4 month ago

Florida news.

A Florida man was arrested on Friday for posting a threatening message on social media that he would recover his semi-automatic rifle and that buyers should avoid Walmart, the authorities said.

Richard Clayton, 26, launched the threat on Facebook on August 6th.

Clayton posted his message just three days after an armed man entered a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, and killed 22 people.

Clayton was charged with threatening to kill or causing bodily harm and was incarcerated at Orange County Jail. He was detained with a bond of $ 15,000, according to information online.

This incident is another of the many threats that Walmart has received in recent weeks.

Another man in Florida reportedly called a Walmart store in Gibsonton on August 4 and threatened to "shoot" the store. He was arrested and charged with false reporting of the use of a firearm in a violent manner, a criminal offense.