A pip bomb through mail landed former political candidate in prison.

9 month ago

former political candidate and blogger, Eric Krieg pleaded guilty to mailing a pipe bomb to an attorney and injuring a pregnant postal worker.

46-year-old Indiana man would face 29 years in prison for sending the pipe bomb intended for an attorney who filed a defamation lawsuit against him and, as a result, injuring the postal worker in East Chicago, Indiana.

moreover, Krieg had mailed a package that included a bullet and a threatening message to another victim who had mocked Krieg in online forums.

Krieg will plead guilty to four counts related to the creation and mailing of a “destructive device” and the “malicious use” of explosives.

he has admitted that he had to pay the client of the attorney to whom he mailed the pipe bomb $45,000 due to defamatory statements he posted about them on his blog, “Blue County in a Red State.” leading him to file for bankruptcy.

Krieg wrote in the plea deal: “In retaliation for the filing and settling of this lawsuit and other grudges I held, I devised a plan to construct and mail a pipe bomb that I hoped and believed would kill or injure”.

he added: “I constructed his pipe bomb and knew that it contained explosives and items that would produce shrapnel.”