Logansport fire kills four children and two adults

9 month ago

Cass County Fire Lt. Steve Crispen said that two adults, a mother and son have been rescued from the two-story home where fire crews are still fighting heavy fire.

There were still six people inside the home that was 80 percent involved with the flames. Rescuers tried to get inside and help them out unsuccessfuly. The six victims were two adults and four children between 2 months old and 10 years old. Fire crews said the fire is still active, and that they are unable to recover the victims' remains.

The tragic incident is currently being investigated as criminal case and it is not clear if it's accidental yet. Officials said that ammo inside the house went off at a moment.

The house is in a rural area, so the crews had to truck in water to fight the flames which had slowed their work.