Trump is facing heavy criticism for his indifference toward General Motors employees who lost their jobs.

9 month ago

US Representative Tim Ryan has publically criticized the president insulting behavior for boasting about his administration's effect on manufacturing jobs on the same day that thousands of General Motors employees found out they were losing their jobs.

the president has been boasting during a late-afternoon campaign rally in Mississippi about his administration's efforts to develop the economy of the country stating that his administration had "found the magic wand".

adding that the number of companies making products in the US is "actually going to be increasing."

Ryan said that these comments were not appropriate as general motors announced it's closing plans and the making thousands of US-based workers jobless.

Sherrod Brown United States Senator said that the president did not lift one finger and stayed indifferent toward the incident even after they have sent him letters to try to get him engaged in helping us figure out what the future of this facility is.

Ryan added Trump "has no industrial policy" and "no manufacturing policy" for the country.