a heartwarming gesture:$1M donated to teachers and students from California's wildfire.

9 month ago

A businessman has made a warm gesture by donating $1,000 each to students and staff members from a local high school in paradise town after the devastating Northern California wildfire.

Bob Wilson, a Real estate developer, and restaurant owner said he would hand out checks totaling $1.1 million to Paradise High School's 980 students and 105 teachers and staff members in the nearby small city of Chico.

the generous donor is from the San Diego area, he said that he has decided to donate after reading a Los Angeles Times story about the high school still standing with students scattered and separated from each other. One student told the newspaper he missed spending time with his friends at local hangouts and another said she cries constantly.

the man who is 90 now recalled his past days in high school and in the 1940s, and the stories from the destructed high school broke his heart, he added that he wanted those children to believe that there is actually someone who cares about them.

School Principal Loren Lighthall said he thinks about 900 students lost their homes because of the deadly fire that killed 88 people.

he said that the donation would help every student to provide everyday's life needs.