Utah city will replace "dummy" cameras in the park where Mackenzie Lueck was last seen alive

6 month ago

Salt Lake news, Utah news.

Utah City Council members voted Tuesday to 4-3 in favor of replacing "dummy" cameras in the park where Mackenzie Lueck, a student at the University of Utah, was seen alive.

On June 17, at approximately 3:00 am, Lueck, 23, met Ayoola Ajayi, 31, in Hatch Park, near Salt Lake City, after being stopped by a Lyft driver, police said. Ajayi was arrested and charged with her murder in late June.

Police said that the phone records indicated that Ajayi was the last person to contact Lueck before his disappearance and that they were both in the area around 3:00 am

The North Salt Lake City Council has committed to replacing the cameras, driven by Lueck's friend Ashley Fine. At the meeting, Fine said the fake cameras gave park people "a false sense of security".

Lueck, who died as a result of head trauma, was found by police with her arms tied behind her in a canyon located 85 km from Ajayi's home.