9-year-old girl died from injuries she suffered when strong winds blew inflatable bounce house.

6 month ago

Reno news, Nevada news.

Reno, a nine-year-old girl, died of injuries from high winds that destroyed a bouncy house and three children on power lines last weekend.

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Hammond's family released Friday a statement in which she confirmed her death after Sunday's incident and thanked the first responders and law enforcement for their help and support.

The Revo Gazette Journal reported that justice officials and rescue workers were among the hundreds of people in the corridors of the Renown Regional Medical Center on Friday, when Hammond's family donated their organs for a transplant at an honorary walk.

Deputies and firefighters saved the children. They treated two people for minor injuries at the scene and transported Hammond to the hospital where she had been since Sunday.

Intervention teams who responded to the accident asked NV Energy to shut down the power supply in the area, causing a power outage for about 3,000 customers for about two hours.

Washoe County Sheriff spokesman Bob Harmon said the accident was still under investigation but he had no new information to report. .

Sheriff Darin Balaam said Friday that the death of this girl had affected everyone involved.

Hammond's family said dozens of children would benefit from donating their organs. "We think her beautiful spirit will persist among the people she helps," they said.