Alabama Mall Shooting :police killed the wrong person,family's demanding answers

one year ago

Alabama's mall shooting fueled the anger of citizens after an officer fatally shooting a black young man who pulled out his legally permitted weapon following gunfire at the shopping mall.

Bradford, 21, was shot during Hoover police efforts to secure the scene following the initial shooting, which wounded an 18-year-old man and a 12-year-old girl.

Bradford's father who is also a police officer said his son was a 21-year-old Army veteran with a permit to carry a weapon. The state police released early Monday suggested Bradford shouldn't have pulled it out.

Bradford's father, Emantic Bradford Sr., said Monday that police still had not reached out to the family to apologize or explain what happened. He said his son was disrespected by officers at the scene who allowed bystanders to take photos and video after the shooting.

Bradford's parents said police haven't contacted them yet, they added that they have hired civil rights lawyer Benjamin Crump to seek justice for their son.

an innocent man is gone now while the actual shooter is still roaming around freely.