After Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors remove Carlos Ghosn as chairman

9 month ago

Carlos Ghosn is apparently continuing his downfall from the top of car industry, as Mitsubishi Motors decided ti remove him as chairman.

Mitsubishi said on Monday that the decision was unanimous and that CEO Osamu Masuko was appointed as interim chairman. After the vote, Masuko told reporters that: "the priority was what to do to protect the company, what to do to protect our employees and their families. It was an unavoidable decision."

Ghosn was arrested in Tokyo last week on suspicion of financial misconduct while serving as chairman of Nissan. He was removed from that post on thursday by Nissan's board.

That was another blow to the alliance Ghosn built between Mitsubishi, Nissan and France's Renault. He retains his position as CEO and chairman of Renault.