Man survives life threatening throat wound after a Sandalwood's apartment invasion

7 month ago

A 26-year-old man was found with his throat slashed in the doorway of his Sandalwood apartment and was rushed to the hospital for treatment, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's office.

The Jacksonville police was sent to investigate after a call reporting that an apartment in Monterey on Beach Boulevard was invaded and robbed with a victim in a critical situation.

The call came after the 26-year-old man yelled for help and was heard by two people who came to find him wounded in the corridor of his apartment , stabbed and with a slit throat

One of the witnesses told police the victim muttered that three men held him at gunpoint, took some things from the house, and then slashed his throat. The witness told reporters that the victim also said that he ''doesn't want to die''. According to his family members he is now expected to recover from his life-threatening wounds. At the time of this writing, there is no reported arrest in this case, as there were no witnesses noticing something disturbing and that the victim himself did not have a description of the three suspects.