Ukraine's voting on martial law in response to Russia's Seizure Of Ukrainian Ships.

9 month ago

Russia's seizure of three Ukrainian ships fueled the anger of the Ukrainian government leading the territory to think about launching a vote, Monday, on whether to implement martial law or not.

the incident made a place for tension to escalate between the two territories, an emergency United Nations Security Council meeting will be convened Monday to discuss the issue, while Nato called for a truce.

Ukraine said the small gunboats Berdyansk and Nikopol and the tugboat Yany Kapu were attacked by Russian forces after entering the Kerch Strait, en route to the city of Mariupol, on Sunday.

a video about the whole incident was released by Ukrainian officials showing a Russian ship taking over the Ukrainian tugboat.

state news agency RIA reported on Monday that All 24 sailors aboard the three boats were detained by Russia, with Three of the sailors in the hospital now.

according to Ukraine's navy, the tugboat and the Berdyansk were disabled and towed away by the Russian navy. The undamaged Nikopol is also under Russian control, while six of its sailors were injured in the incident.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko convened a military cabinet emergency meeting and later tweeted he would appeal to Parliament to declare martial law. "There are no red lines" for Russia, he said. "We consider such actions categorically unacceptable. And this aggression has already led to consequences."