Macron complains of the demagogic fashion of the Yellow Jacket protesters

9 month ago

"There is a moral crisis in society", the French president said in an interview that comes as protesters, also known as the "Yellow Jackets" took to the streets of Paris and other cities to express their anger over the fuel tax hikes that reached seven euros cents per liter , and will continue rising in the future according to Transport Minister, the tax on gas will also rise four euros cents.

Macron said that he feels it is "unfair", "they see my face when they fill up at the gas pump." He continued :"The risk is in the ambient demagogy.I'm hearing the anger but I don't want to hear it in a demagogic fashion."

Macron's remarks left a feeling of "disappointment and bewilderment" for the mayors and protesters in the eighth day of demonstrations that left two deaths since they started.