Italian man accused of posing as George Clooney to hawk clothes online was arrested with his wife.

4 month ago

An Italian accused of playing the role of George Clooney to sell clothes online was arrested with his wife in Thailand after years of flight, police said Sunday.

Francesco Galdelli, 58, and his wife Vanja Goffi, 45 - nicknamed "Italian Bonnie and Clyde" - were arrested Saturday in a luxury villa in Pattaya.

Fugitives are also being sought in Italy for a series of scams, including the online sale of fake Rolex watches and sending packs of salt to customers instead of timepieces, the statement said.

The case against the accused of hoaxes goes back several years.

Clooney testified against them in 2010, saying in court in Milan that the couple and another accomplice used his name to sell a fashion line.

According to the authorities, the fraudsters had tricked investors over $ 128,000, according to the Bangkok Post. They were sentenced to eight years and four months in prison for fraud, but fled.

The couple is wanted on a red notice from Interpol since 2013.

They will be charged with exceeding their visa in Thailand before the start of the extradition proceedings.