Donald Trump received a Smackdown upon his latest remark on Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts

9 month ago

President Donald Trump has spread the seeds of a new controversy after he picked a fight with Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, mocking his remarks that judges do not serve presidents and telling him to “study the judiciary more” in a tweet.

the remark was a hard blow to the independence of the judiciary.

according to Ari Melber Trump's latest remark was a stupid move which would be added to a swamp of assaults he has committed during his presidency while bullying independent government officials into fulfilling his wishes, which could make it easier for someone like Special Counsel Robert Mueller to lay out a case he committed obstruction of justice.

Melber added that the president would be under the threat of impeachment for adopting a number of wrong moves starting with installing a new attorney general who has criticized the Mueller probe repeatedly.

Melber explained that If Trump were to be impeached, Roberts would preside over his trial in the Senate, although in that case, he would not actually have power over the verdict, which would be decided by a Senate vote. But Roberts might also have to rule on Trump’s fate earlier in the process if, for example, the Supreme Court has to decide whether Trump must comply with a subpoena from Mueller.

“At least one justice is not waiting to take the first punch on behalf of that institution,” Melber concluded, “But is instead moving first for judicial independence, and clearly against Donald Trump.”