Pennsylvania man accused of killing his newborn baby and concealing its body in a cement-filled safe.

one year ago

police arrested Christopher Lee Kennedy, 38, Wednesday for killing his newborn baby and concealing its body in a cement-filled safe.

Kennedy was finally arrested after a year of investigations regarding sexual assault on the baby's teenage mother.

the teen mother said that Kennedy abused her and sexually assaulted her; the girl was hospitalized for 8 months for injuries caused by supplements he pressured her to take to induce abortion.

the girl and Kennedy were involved in a sexual relationship and were living together after he split up with his ex-partner, it was revealed that Kennedy was her father's co-worker.

Kennedy has a long history with minors, the alleged man practiced sexual relationships with several teen girls.

on October 2017 the teen mom gave birth to a baby boy in her bathroom, she was only 16 or less back then.

the man blackmailed the girl and forced her to take supplements that would terminate the pregnancy, then he made her promise to deny the origin of her baby and blame it on another person.

the girl tried to protect her partner and said that she was the one who killed the baby, later she confessed the whole incident saying that Kennedy strangled the baby and hid the body in a bag.

two weeks later the girl was rushed to the hospital where she suffered the aftermath of the dangerous supplements.

she underwent 35 surgeries over an eight-month spell in the hospital.

police barged into the house where Kennedy and the teen were sharing.

they found a safe wrapped with plastic bags with a very bad smell coming from the slits.

police found the safe was filled with concrete and acrylic caulking sealer. Officers discovered three plastic bags inside holding the remains of a baby boy with brown hair.

kennedy's arrest was delayed for a year due to the girl's poor health.

police said that the man fathered8 children, 3 of whom also died when they were young babies. Officers will now probe the other deaths.

Kennedy has been charged with several offenses, including criminal homicide, statutory sexual assault abuses of a corpse, recklessly endangering another person and aggravated indecent assault.