Thanksgiving at the borders of America

9 month ago

Tensions rise at US-Mexico border as the caravan of migrants, and holiday travelers wait to cross to the other side.

The migrants have streamed into the border city in the past week to seek asylum in the United States.while on Thursday President Donald Trump had authorized the use of lethal force on the border and warned that the United States could close the whole frontier.

the caravan of migrants coming mostly from central America decided to pass thanksgiving at the borders of America in the most critical conditions.

most of them came with their children and camped in the baseball field in the Mexican border city of Tijuana .

children complained of cold; while their parents are waiting anxiously to apply for asylum protection.

that wish would not be granted any sooner as Authorities in Tijuana said the migrants are facing up to a six-month wait to be able to get an appointment to plead their case for asylum with U.S. authorities.

most of the immigrants coming to the US said that they did not come to spread evil and that their only hope is to find work and safety.