Colorado woman who peculated Girl Scout cookie funds was pleaded guilty to felony theft

9 month ago

a Colorado woman is facing charges of felony theft Sept. 13; the woman who helped herself to the profits of a girl scout troop was ordered to pay $1,400 in restitution as part of a deferred judgment.

Jennifer L. Hooten, 32, was arrested after other scout leaders discovered a bank account that should have had about $2,400 in cookie profits was overdrawn.

Hooten confessed that she was going to return the money before the theft was discovered. The affidavit said she sent other troop leaders a check for $1,000 after police interviewed her.

Kiele Ochoa, who has a daughter in the same troop that Hooten was loading expressed her great shock upon hearing the news.

"When I first found out about it I was completely shocked and mind is blown that someone could do something like that, especially to little kids,"

according to the Mesa County Court Clerk's Office; Hooten will need to complete 48 hours of useful public service.