the coldest thanksgiving:people may cook thanksgiving turkey using icicles as firewood.

9 month ago

A blast of air coming from the Arctic would make this year's Thanksgiving the coldest in decades for most of the Northeast.

Temperatures during Thanksgiving morning will start off near zero Fahrenheit in northern New England and near 30 in southeastern Virginia. Highs are forecast to range from the teens in the northern tier of Maine to the upper 30s in the lower Chesapeake Bay region.

on Thursday it would be a bit warm with a sunny sky; however, tempurature would get low on Friday, with morning wind chills still in the single digits or colder. Wind gusts in some of the major cities may reach 30 mph, adding to the chill. The high in Boston is expected to be 18 degrees, and in New York, 27.

temperature would rais up a bit during the weekend.

while in the west coast a rain storm is coming ahead bringing treats of mudslides.

A new storm is headed for the Pacific Northwest. More rain and snow are expected, from the Canadian border down into Northern California. Another storm is expected in California by Friday morning, with heavy snowfall expected in the southern Cascades.