pregnant teen was killed by a stray bullet inside an apartment complex

9 month ago

14-years-old Sonja Star Harrison, an ordinary girl from Atlanta; she becomes a mother even before reaching adulthood, and she used to have dreams of her own.however, somebody took that dream out of her by ending her life and killing her unborn baby girl.

sonja was babysitting nephews at her sister's apartment in Southwest Atlanta when she was shot.

it was revealed that the gunshot came from the apartment above where the bullet came from the ceiling to strike the girl in her head.

Atlanta police said that the girl was pronounced dead at the scene, while her unborn 8-month embryo, a baby girl, could not survive the shooting and was dead even before seeing the lights of life.

Sonja Denise Harrison the teen's mother expressed her great grief and loss and said that the shooter took two lives with him.

she proceded her talk about her daughter saying that she was going to join the U.S. Army, "for her and her baby," after she finishes school.

the mother expressed her frustration upon the poor security at the gates of the apartment complex adding that anyone can get there without nobody's notice.

just a few hours later police were called back to the same apartment complex where a 21-years-old woman was dead by a gunshot wound in her head, and investigations are still running up to see if it was a suicide act or a murder.

neighbours expressed great concern and fair over the dangerous state of the building, especially when it was revealed that a 24-years-old woman was killed at the same complex back in 2015.

the case of Sonja star is still open, more details would be revealed in the coming days.