Second teen sibling dies after being shot by mom

7 month ago

Authorities in Oklahoma said Tuesday that a 16-year-old girl died after her mother shot her along with her brother while they were sleeping at a home in the Nuyaka area, about 35 miles southwest of Tulsa.

The mother, Amy Leann Hall, 38, has already been charged with one count of first-degree murder in her son's death. Now, she will be charged with a second count of first-degree murder in her daughter's, Kloee Toliver, death.

Hall has allegedly fired at her children, Kloee, 16, and Kayson, 18 , as they slept on Nov.1, as she began her rampage. She reportedly also fired at another sibling, her youngest daughter who was lucky enough to survive, as the shot only hit the wall, with the 14-years-old girl fleeing to hide in the bathroom. She is now in good condition according to officials.

Kloee, the recent victim of Hall to die, was declared since the rampage brain ineffective and on life strengthen until her organs could properly be donated. As for her brother, Kayson, he died Nov.1 of a gunshot wound to the head and was pronounced dead at the crime scene.

Hall reportedly said that she was ''so sorry for what she did'' and that she ''only wanted to save her children'' from her ex- husband with whom she had a custody battle during the last two years, according to court paperwork. He had previously declared that Hall was mentally instable, and abusive to the children.