Son discovers mother's skeletal remains in backyard decades after her disappearance

4 month ago

Jacksonville news, Florida news.

A Florida father has been sentenced to life behind bars more than two decades since he shot his wife dead and buried her in their home's backyard.

The then 3-year-old son of the couple remembers telling investigators: "Daddy shot mommy and couldn't wake her up." But authorities couldn't accuse the father Michael Haim of killing his wife Bonnie Haim without a piece of evidence or a body.

Aaron Fraser, who was raised by an adoptive family, kept trying to find a shred of evidence until he won the ownership of his childhood home that was rented with instructions to not dig in the backyard.

In 2014, Fraser discovered the remains of his mother and Haim was arrested in connection with the cold case. "For 26 years we searched for answers to our many questions," the victim's sister said.