Tennessee man shot and killed outside his home, found holding piece of paper, the key to bringing his killer.

4 month ago

Cordova news, Tennessee news.

Tennessee man who was shot in front of his home in Cordova last week was found with a piece of paper bearing the assassin license plate number.

Bryant Ward, 24, was arrested for the murder of 61-year-old Bryan Hervey.

According to court documents, Hervey was seen heading to his door on May 15 shortly before his assassination. The home surveillance video taken from a camera at the door seemed to show that Hervey was screaming for help as gunshots rang out in the background.

When the police found Hervey's body around 2:30 am, they found the paper in his hand with what appeared to be a license plate number.

Ward was arrested after the authorities linked the information on the paper to a vehicle in front of his home with the same license plate number. Ward was arrested on Friday and charged with first degree murder.