2-month-old baby killed after mom threw her from car

9 month ago

Indonesian police said that an American woman allegedly threw her 2-month-old daughter from a car on the tourist island of Bali before jumping from the vehicle.

The 32-year-old Nicole Stasio is being treated from severe depression at the same hospital where her baby died.

The accused mother was with a driver and a guide in the vehicle.The two said she wanted them to take her to the airport,beforr changing her mind to return back to Ubud.they said that she first came to the island with her parents in July and gave birth in september,her parents returned to the U.S after only 10 days of their arrival and left her alone,like if they wanted to avoid something,according to them.

Villagers found the baby severely injured,about a Kilometer from where the mother jumped out the car.