Brooklyn Bridge was forced to shutdown due to Fiery Crash that left 6 injured people and 1 killed .

9 month ago

a person was killed Wednesday due to a deadly crash involving 3 vehicles in Brooklyn bridge, the crash was so severe making the vehicles burst in flames forcing the bridge to be shut down.

a spokesman for the Fire Department said that the Four vehicles were travelling on the Brooklyn-bound side of the bridge about 7:15 a.m. when they spun out of control, Three of the vehicles erupted into flames after the crash; it was revealed that Six people sustained minor injuries during the accident.

two city officials said that the crash was caused by an aggressive driver, his identity is still unknown because investigations are still ongoing.

According to the Fire Department, 12 units from both sides of the bridge responded, and 60 personnel were involved.

clouds of dark from the crash was captured by helicopters of news and television crews and was posted on social media.

Firefighters contained the fire shortly after 8 a.m., and All lanes on the bridge were reopened by 1 p.m.