Trump’s Business is facing danger Under House Democrats.

9 month ago

Trump's family business would be facing a hard reality next year after the midterm elections, House of Democrats would be able to investigate so many prospects of the company and its founders.

trump's organization faced a long history of lawsuits and is still at the moment facing multiple investigations from state and federal authorities.

but right now with the democrats ruling the house the organization would face it's hardest days, especially when the new elected party would watch closely the life of the president and look for everything that would lead them to use a subpoena.

a person familiar with the company said that the worst thing that would happen to the organisation is a change in Congress.

despite the fact that Republicans are still holding the Senate, the Democrats are still in the winning side and would drag the company into mud dragging executives in front of public hearings and compel testimony about all manner of the private company's dealings. They can also inundate it with document requests.

the company's lawyers team would be prepared to face all the difficulties the way they have always saved it throughout the years.

the possible damage that would face the company would be clear when Democrats take control of the House in January.