Mr Trump is being labeled a scaredy cat for not vising troops in combat zones.

one year ago

president Trump is under the telescope after the community observed that the president hasn't made any visit to the troops in war zones during the span of his presidency.

Trump has always expressed his great support for soldiers naming himself the only president who takes care of his soldiers.

an anonymous official said that the president is too afraid to visit his troops because he is afraid to face some harm or even lose his life.

the president has expressed his disinterest in wars and said that all the previous involvements of us in wars between other countries was ridiculous and even named it a shame and failure, however, Mr Trump signed off on defence secretary James Mattis’ request for increasing US presence in Afghanistan and Syria, while maintaining its presence in Iraq, in private meetings .

Trump has always used his busy schedule as an excuse to prevent any scheduled visit to his troops, army community is still waiting to be blessed with a visit from US leader.