Latest California wildfire updates: 81 dead and 870 unaccounted for

one year ago

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea announced that the list of names of people unaccounted for had reached 870.

About 171 additional names that detectives concluded through Tuesday from a backlog of voice mails have been added to the list. But authorithies stress that many of those on the list may be safe and just unaware of their situation as missing.

In the other hand, the deadtoll from the California wildfire had increased to 81 after rescuers found two more sets of human remains Tuesday.

The number of destroyed homes is around 13,000 since the devastating fires swept through Paradise on Nov.8.

Authorities are using a rapid DNA test that shows the results after just two hours in order to help identifying the scores of dead people. Relatives of missing people can provide DNA samples.