a US judge blocked temporarily Trump's new policy toward asylum seekers .

9 month ago

On November 9, Trump announced that asylum seekers can now make their claim only at legal points of entry along the US border. the policy was made when a massive caravan of central Americans coming mostly from Honduras and El Salvador to the US through Mexico reached the borders at Tijuana.

Jon Tigar a US District Judge in San Francisco managed to block the policy temporarily; the judge expressed his frustration saying that The president “may not rewrite the immigration laws to impose a condition that Congress has expressly forbidden.”

he added that the policy would cause “irreconcilable conflicts” with the existing legislation.

the arrival of the caravan in the borders caused intensity in the borders, Tijuana citizens are protesting and refusing to let the refugees in.

the policy becomes a hot issue especially when politics gets involved in the decision and point of view is now separated into two parties.

republicans are supporting Trump's views and seeing the caravan as a cocoon that harbours criminals; The left, on the other hand, sees this resolution as frightening and exaggerated rumours of an impending danger.