72-year-old priest sentenced to 2 to 15 years in prison after pleading no contest to sexual misconduct.

5 month ago

Saginaw news, Michigan news.

A 72-year-old Michigan priest gets two to 15 years of imprisonment after pleading against sexual misconduct.

Reverend Robert DeLand will also spend five years on probation under the sentence on Thursday.

According to the Saginaw County Attorney's Office, DeLand argued unchallenged with respect to second-degree criminal sexual behavior, causing bodily harm and gross indecency between males. Some charges have been dropped.

DeLand has been accused of having inappropriate sexual contact with men aged 17 and 21.

DeLand was a pastor at St. Agnes's Church in Freeland until he was arrested in February 2018. He also regularly attended Freeland High School students.