The man was out of his head: next-door neighbor of California gunman recalls

23 days ago

There are few outlines of the mass shooter life as he was an isolated an agressive person.

Ian David Long, 28, was a troubled machine-gunner who served seven-months in the military deployment in Afghanistan in 2011.

Long has always desired to join the Marines since he was in high school, where he is remembered as a chiling person who makes people "fear for themselves" around him. The gunman enlisted a few months after high school graduation in 2008. Two weeks before he returned from his deployment in Afghanistan in 2011, he separated from his wife and possibly suffered from post-traumatic stress desorder, but it isn't confirmed since he wasn't enrolled in health care. In 2013, he left the service and started taking classes. A neighbor recall him"you never knew when he was going to go off."